When you are ready to open the door…

looking out the open door of a windmillWriting comes from within.

When we set out to put our information, passion, life experience, or inspiration into a book, we are giving a gift to the world. We are giving a part of ourselves we hope will be appreciated and honored.


Writing is almost always a solitary creative endeavor, but in the life of every book there comes a time to open the door.


For many, the door is opened with the first professional editing of the manuscript. You have taken it as close as you can to completion, and now it is time for the final polish and a second set of eyes.


For some, the time to open the door is earlier, with a critique of the first chapter or the first draft. Sometimes it can be helpful to have a coach or guide through the writing process, particularly if the subject is sensitive or personal. A book coach can help you improve your writing, focus your ideas and information, and add impact to your written work. The passion and creativity is inside you – the book coach simply gives you an edge in the world of written communication.


For others, the time to open the door is when the book is ready to be published. Cover design, formatting for print-on-demand or e-book publishing, consultation and assistance with publishing options, final proofing, and even author website design are all available to help you bring your book into the world.

When you are ready… for respectful, professional assistance taking your book to completion, I am ready to help.


Panorama of Blue Mountain with Marge Hulburt in the front corner