Self-Editing Tips & Tricks

Statue of a man thinkingDon’t have an editor handy? Here are some things YOU can do to add impact to your own writing.

1) Review your goal. Do you know why are you writing this piece? Can you state it succinctly in one short sentence?

2) Look at your organization. Does your piece take the reader logically, step-by-step, from where they are to where you want them to be?

3) Check the focus. Does every paragraph, every sentence, every word move the reader toward your goal?

4) Make sure you have a container. Does your opening paragraph set an expectation for Continue reading

Flying Fish

swimming koiHealing happens in many ways – through medicine, stress relief, nutrition and exercise, rest, forgiveness, or the gift of healing spirits – but this was the first time I ever experienced healing by being hit in the face by a fish.

I practice spiritual healing by traveling in an altered state of consciousness to the realm of compassionate, healing spirits in order to receive knowledge and healing power for myself and others. I often use percussion to help me make this journey.

On this particular day, I was drumming and dancing with a group of fellow practitioners Continue reading