Staying on the Trail

the garden wall trail in glacier parkI wasn’t sure I wanted to go on my Glacier Park vacation. Two months ago I had committed to finishing my book by Fall, and I had barely written a word since. I was too busy chasing income and wrestling with clients who seemed to be crosswise with me at every turn. As I listened to the gentle tapping of rain on my studio roof, I tried to work my way through the personalities, time constraints, financial concerns, and creative stagnation in my life. I had become so out of tune that it was several minutes before I realized there was no rain falling outside my window. Continue reading

The Secret of Appeal: Finding Your Book’s Core Audience

grandmother and child reading a book togetherEvery book I have read on “how to write a book proposal” includes a section on the importance of defining the core audience and market for your book. The prospective agent or publisher needs to be shown that there is a sizeable group of people out there who will buy your book and make it profitable.

This has been a sticking point for Continue reading