Looking Good in Print: How to write a newsletter article that makes you look as smart as you are!

Marge Hulburt at Rocky Gorge ReservoirSubmitting an article to a newsletter in your customers’ circles can increase your visibility, show your expertise, and help potential clients and colleagues begin to get to know you. It’s well worth doing, but you want to look your best. Here are some elements to take into consideration when crafting your next article. Continue reading

It All Starts with the Breath

Woman playing a flute in front of a waterfallAll my adult life, it seems, I have been taught to breathe deeply, to allow my whole body to fill with air. In Yoga and Qigong, both of which I enjoy, I have been taught to take my breath all the way down into my lower abdomen and allow it to expand. I have been taught that just below my belly button is my power spot and my point of centering. Until last week. . . Continue reading

Coming Alive

Marge Hulburt writingThe idea of having a purpose to my life, a mission that extends beyond myself and beyond this lifetime, is close to my heart. It is important to me to know why I am here.

The search for life purpose seems to be a universal human question, but the answer varies widely both from person to person and within each of us over time. Often the answer is that we are just part of the great mystery of life.

For me, that’s not enough. Continue reading

The Ritual of Writing (or… How the Heck Do I Start?)

A hand with scissors cutting out a picture of a saintIt is finally time to write your book – or professional article or content for your website – and you are ready to go. You have your topic, a sense of the organization, and a pretty good idea of what you want to convey. You pull out a notepad, or switch on the computer, and find yourself staring into blankness. The words have vanished, and the eloquence you were enjoying in your head just moments before has been replaced by a vague sense of panic. The book, the article, the web content is gone. Continue reading