The Way of the Sacred Pipe by Jim Tree – A Book Review

The Way of the Sacred Pipe book coverPart of finding one’s authentic voice is developing an authentic spirituality, in whatever form is true for each of us, which sustains us in our lives and allows us to fully develop the gifts we have brought with us to the Earthwalk. In The Way of the Sacred Pipe, Jim Tree shares his open and inviting story of creating, honoring, and performing ceremony with Native American Sacred Pipes.

For anyone interested in Native American spirituality, this is a book to read and add to your collection. Beyond that, Jim’s story reminds us of important elements of spiritual practice in general—building a personal relationship with Spirit; living in a respectful, honoring, and compassionate way; listening; respecting the practices of our tradition and individual teachings; and being flexible enough to change with the changing needs of the people and the Earth.

In simple and honest language, Jim takes us through the proper care and use of the Native Continue reading

Em-Dash, En-Dash, and the Fifty-Yard Dash

Old running shoesI think most people would agree that punctuation in a written piece is one of those necessary evils. Without it, we can hardly read the page; yet the use of it sometimes rivals the level of patience and precision usually reserved for tax forms and internet navigation. As if the period, comma, and semicolon weren’t enough to keep track of, what about all those rules for the simple horizontal line? Continue reading