The Million Dollar Story

A woman putting on makeup using a rearview mirror“You must have experience to write a good nonfiction book, so please do not write a book on how to get rich unless you are already rich.”

- Patricia Clay, actor


As my book comes closer to its publication date, my steps are getting smaller. There have been the usual delays – waiting for editorial comments and reviews, delivery of the ISBN numbers, approval of the Library of Congress application, finding suitable printers and receiving their samples and bids – but behind all this there is something more Continue reading

Take a Number: ISBN & Library of Congress Identifiers

A trail sign with numbers and lettersDid you know the copyright page of your book is called the title page verso, and it always appears on the back side of the title page? Besides your copyright notice, it may also display two numbers important to the sale of your book: the ISBN and the LCCN.

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number and is a 13-digit number that uniquely identifies books and “book-like products” (e-books, audio books, calendars, bookmarks, software, Continue reading

We Have Seen the Future and it Beeps

“We have seen the future and it beeps.”

These wonderful words were written ten years ago by Dan Poynter of Para Publishing, and today they are truer than ever before.

A young boy standing in the oceanWithin just the past six months, it seems to me that the world of social media has exploded. Almost as if a switch has been thrown, social media seems to have shifted from early adopters and others experimenting with sites such as Facebook and Twitter to all-out, mainstream use.

As I look at this shift in a business context, it is apparent that the world has changed. Computer technology, the internet, and now social media are changing the very face of how we communicate. Continue reading