Marge Hulburt kayaking the Bitterroot RiverIt was unseasonably warm. In another week, the Bitterroot River would be scouring its banks at peak flow, but for today its clear water was still gliding along at the pre-season low. And I had been dying to get on the river for nearly a year.

The arrival of out-of-town guests and a little sunshine was all it took to shake the cobwebs out of the kayaks and set out for an afternoon to see what we might find.

My brother-in-law was here from Alaska with a friend. At 75, he was a seasoned boater, but this would be his first time in a kayak. Not to worry, we wouldn’t be doing any rolls in the average two-foot depth of this waterway. There was a current, though, and so it was just a bit worrisome when he chose to leave both hearing aids in the truck for safe keeping.   Continue reading

Do You Have a BLOOK in You?

Three young people cooking togetherThe internet has given us all sorts of ways to write and sell books outside of mainstream publishing. We can now print our own books and sell them on the web, either on their own or in support of our business venture. For a price, we can hire a print-on-demand company to publish and sell our book, leaving us only responsible for the promotion. We can now easily create an e-book to sell as a PDF download with virtually no overhead cost, and with little effort we can make it Kindle-compatible for sale through Amazon.

We can even hearken back to the days of print magazines and serialized novels by publishing book chapters one by one on our website as a blog. And that brings us to the BLOOK.

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