A jar full of paint brushesVoices. I have so many voices in my head. Instead of just me, there is the child me, the adult me, the parent, the scientist, the healer, the poet, the visionary, the clown, and on and on. A friend of mine is fond of saying he has a whole committee in his head. Each of these voices can be called an archetype. In the book Sacred Contracts, medical intuitive Carolyn Myss has devised a methodology for discovering and working with the archetypes each of us has within us for growth and healing.   Continue reading

Adjectives & Adverbs: When in Doubt, Leave Them Out

Patterns of light on a wood floorMuch of the editing I do on a daily basis is cutting (to the manuscript, not the author). Cutting commas, repetitious wording, ideas that are simply restatements of the line before, the word “that,” and, yes, adjectives and adverbs.

The following paragraph is a made-up example of the kind of detailed writing favored by some authors. It is as if they want to make sure the reader understands exactly what they are saying, leaving nothing to chance. Here goes. . . Continue reading