From Here to Community: The BarCamp Model

Looking up into the sky at a light and a craneIn the book Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here, Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman start by taking a look at single-celled organisms. Over time, many of these individual cells joined together to create integrated, multi-cellular organisms which we call plants, animals, and human beings. As this coming-together process continues into the future, they hypothesize the next state of human evolution will be the formation of integrated and interdependent human communities. A new level of multi-multi-cellular life will be born. Continue reading

68 Degrees and a Slight Chance of Radioactive Rain

Animal skulls on a postIt all started when my teenage son came home from school telling me there was radioactive iodine in our milk. Leakage from the damaged nuclear power plants in Japan had reached the U.S. and radioactive iodine was being ingested by dairy cows not too far from our home.

A little bit of research quickly showed us that the risk to our family was likely very low, but the questions it raised in my mind extended far beyond milk. Continue reading

The Half Step Principle

Marge Hulburt starting down the Garden Wall TrailI was recently approached¬†by someone who was interested in apprenticing with me. She was quite an accomplished person herself, and so when I accepted, I cautioned her that I may only be a half step ahead of her in the field. Her answer was, “That’s how it’s supposed to be.”

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always thought it was best to learn from the experts, the ones who had seen and done it all.

Yet I have often heard that once we have mastered a particular skill, people will appear in Continue reading