a curve in a riverWe each have a story to tell.

To NOT tell our story is to cheat the world - and ourselves - of the
gift of our life.

Marge Hulburt

A woman on a carousel reaching for a golden ringI am an author, scientist, shamanist, and freelance editor with over 30 years experience with the written word.

My goal is to help you write, edit, and publish your work in a way that honors you and your objectives.

When I edit a manuscript, I look at spelling, punctuation, grammar, typos, and formatting.

A baseball glove behind a fence in the dugoutI also look at organization, readability, clarity, voice, and flow. Sometimes just a word or the way a subject is framed can make the difference between a good piece of writing and a great one.

My writing and editing experience encompasses science, environmental regulation, business, web writing, documentation, memoir and life experience, personal growth, leadership, contemporary personal spirituality, and fiction.

I most enjoy working with people who are passionate about what life has given them – whether it has been through pain, bliss, or devoted study – to help them use the written word to teach, help, or inspire others.

A older man carving a carousel creatureSome of the books I have edited are: The Golf Letters: Tee Tales by PGA professional Annie Loughlin, The Zodiac Within You: How All 12 Signs Impact your Life by Anold Lane, and the young adult novel The Rock Creek Shaman by Joyce Edelson.

I am the co-author of Raised on Fear: One Man’s Story of Domestic Violence with Lee Cox and the upcoming Babies Are Overrated: The Awesome Life of a Stepparent with Jim Villanueva.

I am the author of Finding Eagle: A Journey into Modern-Day Shamanism, my story of working with a “blue-jeaned shaman” to find my life path and what happened to me during the first three months of my shamanic initiation.

A woman thinkingI have been a scriptwriter for the Teens Inspiring Excellence video series highlighting young people who have overcome childhood challenges to build creative, self-reliant, and compassionate lives.

I have also written and reviewed more technical articles and documents than I care to remember.

My education includes:

  • BA from Carleton College in Biology & Geology
  • MS from University of Arizona in Hydrology
  • Graduate of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies 3-yr program in Advanced Shamanism & Shamanic Healing

A young man with an inner tube around his neck smilingAs a book coach, my intention is always for you to write in the most authentic way possible and to publish your work in a way that best supports the role you wish your book to play in your business or life path.

I don’t get hung up on how any of this should be done or how it has been done by others or in the past. I do get enthused about how you can express your ideas clearly in your own unique style and add power and impact to your written work.

The changing world of books and publication is fascinating to me. I am a proponent of self-publishing and an experimenter in book sales and promotion through the Internet. I believe that working with others is energizing and synergistic, but when we give up control of the publishing process or we publish and promote our book “by committee,” we give up much of its power.

Woman on a stageSo it is important not only to write with intention, but to publish and promote our work with intention as well.

In the realm of publishing, I have first-hand experience in book design and printing, print-on-demand publishing, and the design and publishing of Kindle books. I have worked with Amazon in a myriad of ways.

I find the technical aspects of formatting and design to be a refreshing balance to the intense work of self-expression during the writing phase of book creation.

Books I have formatted for print and e-book publication include: Healing Leadership: A Survival Guide for the Enlightened Leader and Calling the One: A Leader’s Guide to Mature Interviewing by Howard R. Hansen and Steven J. Geske and Grieving Outside the Box: Stories of hope and resilience from people who have charted their own path by Dr. Karen I. Shragg.

I enjoy working with the Internet, and I have experience to offer in blogging, website design, and website sales.

Woman patting a horse on the noseSome websites I have designed are:


And, of course, this one.

I am currently expanding my work in  the world of social media.

I have also begun offering services as a “Personal Publisher” for selected clients who are looking for someone to usher their book through all the steps of self-publishing – including editing, manuscript preparation, book design, print-on-demand and e-book publication, distribution, promotion, and sales.

Marge Hulburt standing on top a a large rock

And this is me.

Each of us has a voice that can make a difference in the world. Helping those voices take expression in the written word is part of my life work.

I enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with others of like mind, drawn to bring compassionate and joyful growth to the world, with high energy for their own, unique passion.

Happy writing!