Jump Start your Newsletter

coffee cup with steam risingIf you like to write, a newsletter can be an effective way of staying in touch with customers,  colleagues, or those who are simply interested in you and your work. Having a group of readers just waiting for your newsletter to come out each month can be a boon to any business or practice, giving you what marketers call “top-of-mind awareness,” meaning that when your readers are ready to buy, they will think of you first.

The downside to a newsletter is that you have a group of readers just waiting for your newsletter to come out each month… after… month… When you lose your momentum or just can’t free up the time for another issue (already?!), and you find yourself watching your monthly become a semi-annual, what do you do?

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“Quest” for the Perfect Blog

View of Lake McDonald from Going-to-the-Sun RoadLet me start by saying there are as many different kinds of blogs on the Internet as there are bloggers.

People use blogs to provide information, share experiences, entertain their friends, or post photos, videos, or creative writing. They use blogs to keep their websites current and active for SEO ranking, create content for affiliate marketing, or stay in front of customers. Blogs increase visibility. They provide a Continue reading

Looking Good in Print: How to write a newsletter article that makes you look as smart as you are!

Marge Hulburt at Rocky Gorge ReservoirSubmitting an article to a newsletter in your customers’ circles can increase your visibility, show your expertise, and help potential clients and colleagues begin to get to know you. It’s well worth doing, but you want to look your best. Here are some elements to take into consideration when crafting your next article. Continue reading

The Secret of Appeal: Finding Your Book’s Core Audience

grandmother and child reading a book togetherEvery book I have read on “how to write a book proposal” includes a section on the importance of defining the core audience and market for your book. The prospective agent or publisher needs to be shown that there is a sizeable group of people out there who will buy your book and make it profitable.

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SEO – The Digital Psychology of Website Writing

abstract of leaves and a mirrorDigital psychology? Yep, you heard me right!

Now that you’ve gotten your website up and running, there’s a whole “psychology” out there of writing for the web. This technique is specifically designed for Google’s spiders (and all their arachnid brothers and sisters on the other search engines, as well) to find your website and point it out to the world.

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