Finding Eagle Reviewed by Pathways Magazine

“An honest, simple and heart-felt book… with profound nuggets of truth tucked inside.”
- Pathways Magazine

I’m happy to announce that my book on shamanism, Finding Eagle, got its first review! And they were nice!

You can read the full review here.

Pathways Magazine is a quarterly publication for mind/body/spirit/environmental resources in the Washington, DC metro area. You can read it online at

How did I get this review? I asked! If you are an author, it really pays to “do one thing” for your book each day.

From Here to Community: The BarCamp Model

Looking up into the sky at a light and a craneIn the book Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here, Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman start by taking a look at single-celled organisms. Over time, many of these individual cells joined together to create integrated, multi-cellular organisms which we call plants, animals, and human beings. As this coming-together process continues into the future, they hypothesize the next state of human evolution will be the formation of integrated and interdependent human communities. A new level of multi-multi-cellular life will be born. Continue reading

Excerpt from my book – Finding Eagle: A Journey into Modern-Day Shamanism

Book cover for Finding EagleChapter 1
An Invitation


I did not choose shamanism as a life practice; it chose me – the way gravity chooses one who has just stepped off a cliff. My only choice was whether to make the trip with or without a parachute.

I would like to say I journeyed to an exotic, far-off land to study and gain wisdom from an indigenous shaman, but that is not how it happened. I was simply asked by a friend one day, “Would you like me to show you?” He was dressed in blue jeans, and the most exotic thing about him was his distinctive Minnesota accent. I had traveled to Continue reading

The Way of the Sacred Pipe by Jim Tree – A Book Review

The Way of the Sacred Pipe book coverPart of finding one’s authentic voice is developing an authentic spirituality, in whatever form is true for each of us, which sustains us in our lives and allows us to fully develop the gifts we have brought with us to the Earthwalk. In The Way of the Sacred Pipe, Jim Tree shares his open and inviting story of creating, honoring, and performing ceremony with Native American Sacred Pipes.

For anyone interested in Native American spirituality, this is a book to read and add to your collection. Beyond that, Jim’s story reminds us of important elements of spiritual practice in general—building a personal relationship with Spirit; living in a respectful, honoring, and compassionate way; listening; respecting the practices of our tradition and individual teachings; and being flexible enough to change with the changing needs of the people and the Earth.

In simple and honest language, Jim takes us through the proper care and use of the Native Continue reading

The EVE Foundation – Living an Extraordinary Life

book cover for Raised on Fear

What I love most about my work is that it allows me to collaborate with passionate people who are striving to make their mark on the world. Sometimes I get to write their story, sometimes I help them express their thoughts in a way that “makes them look as smart as they are,” and sometimes I get to give them the “edge” they’re looking for to bring their already good writing to excellent clarity.

But I always get to hear their authentic voice and the vision they are bringing to the world.

I love to be reminded that there are people all around us who are creating extraordinary lives for themselves by following their passion and giving their energy to help others and the world.

One of these people is Lee Cox, founder of the EVE Foundation here in Missoula, MT. Continue reading