Do the Job You Want to Have

A photographer holding a cameraThere is a saying for getting ahead in the corporate world: Do the job you want to have.

Or perhaps you know this version from the world of healers and spiritual growth: Be the change you want to see.

Buddhist author Leo Babauta puts it yet another way: If you want to be a writer, write!

What these three bits of advice share, each in its own way, is that if you have a goal or vision for yourself, don’t wait! Do whatever you can right now to start living that goal.  Continue reading

68 Degrees and a Slight Chance of Radioactive Rain

Animal skulls on a postIt all started when my teenage son came home from school telling me there was radioactive iodine in our milk. Leakage from the damaged nuclear power plants in Japan had reached the U.S. and radioactive iodine was being ingested by dairy cows not too far from our home.

A little bit of research quickly showed us that the risk to our family was likely very low, but the questions it raised in my mind extended far beyond milk. Continue reading


A jar full of paint brushesVoices. I have so many voices in my head. Instead of just me, there is the child me, the adult me, the parent, the scientist, the healer, the poet, the visionary, the clown, and on and on. A friend of mine is fond of saying he has a whole committee in his head. Each of these voices can be called an archetype. In the book Sacred Contracts, medical intuitive Carolyn Myss has devised a methodology for discovering and working with the archetypes each of us has within us for growth and healing.   Continue reading

Calculate your Life Purpose

Hands holding interesting shaped rocksSo, I was researching shamanic book websites yesterday in preparation for building a Word Press site for my book, Finding Eagle. One of the sites I visited was Dan Millman’s I have a soft spot for Millman because I enjoyed his book The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, and a friend once told me that Millman’s writing reminds him of mine. (How kind.) Continue reading

Little Gal

Marge walking down the road with her dogI admit it. I’m in love.

Some people love their cars. Some their IPods. Some their laptops or PlayStations. I think they’re all crazy.

And now I’m crazy, too. I don’t even miss my stolen “Life Is Good” keychain because I have my Little Gal. She connects me with my friends, carries my books, newspapers, and notes for me, never lets me get lost – as long as we’re in cell phone range – and constantly reminds me, “Life’s Good.”   Continue reading

Harvest Moon

Art photo of a bare tree in front of clouds at nightIt is the evening of the Harvest Moon. A friend tells me this is a good time to ask for bounty in our lives, to be able to reap the harvest of all we have worked so hard to sow, nurture, and tend.

I sat in the moonlight and made my wish for wealth and abundance. Soon, in the quiet, I heard a voice whisper in my head, “It is time to rewrite your story.”   Continue reading