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I’m ready, when you are, to help you take your book to completion!


Copy editing

Detailed editing to give your manuscript a polished and professional finish. Includes spelling, punctuation, typos, grammar, and consistent formatting, according to the Chicago Manual of Style – giving your book the final touch that your readers expect.

Comprehensive editing

Copy editing plus word usage, sentence structure, overall organization, and readability. Includes recommendations for style, tone, content, and presentation, helping you reach your audience with authenticity and your own personal touch. Meet the goals you have set for your book with clarity and impact.  

Premiere editing service

Chapter-by-chapter comprehensive editing with your ongoing review and participation. Edits you approve are implemented for you, and changes you make in response to editorial recommendations are re-reviewed for clarity as well as copy-edited to catch any new mistakes. Learn and improve your work as we go, and maintain momentum all the way through to a finished product, ready for submission or self-publication.

Editorial evaluation

An initial review of your manuscript for writing style, organization, impact, and publishability. Includes a detailed written report and recommendations for how to move forward with your manuscript to bring it to completion.

Book Coaching & Consultation

Either a one-time consultation or an on-going program to guide you through your writing and publishing project. Receive direct and respectful feedback on your work, including writing strengths and weaknesses; book ideas; problem-solving in the writing process; teaching and support. This is a great way to get your notes and ideas into a publishable format and to formulate publishing and marketing options for your book.

Print Book Formatting

Formatting of your manuscript for a professional look and to meet print-on-demand publishing criteria. This includes trim size, right- and left-hand margins, headers and footers, blank pages as appropriate, front and back matter, and more. You will be provided with a final PDF suitable for uploading to your POD publisher.

Cover Design

Book cover design using your illustration or a stock photo and your back cover text. Editing provided, if desired. I will work with you to create a cover that is unique, visible online as well as on the shelf, and honors the spirit of your book. You will be provided with a final PDF suitable for uploading to your POD publisher. 

E-Book Formatting (Kindle)

Formatting of your book for the Amazon Kindle reader. This includes removing page numbers and unwanted formatting from your finished Word file, sizing and placement of illustrations, linked Table of Contents, reformatting of your front cover, and more. You will be provided with a file suitable for uploading to Amazon Kindle Direct.

Self-Publishing Consultation & Assistance

Consultation on self-publishing options, processes, and considerations for your specific book project. Brainstorming, exploration, and strategies for creative marketing to improve visibility of your book and get it into the hands of your readers. Project management and support for your publishing and promotional efforts with the help of your own “personal publisher.”

Author Website/Blog Design

Design and building of a custom WordPress website and/or blog to promote yourself and your book. The base price includes 4-8 static pages of your choice plus a blog. Also included is a contact form, photos or text you provide, a custom header, assistance with obtaining the URL and a service provider, if needed, and training in how to easily make changes and add content to your site.

For a quote on your project, contact me here. Or call me at 406-241-7260.

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