Shamanic Writing & Publishing

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If your book is:

  • spirit-guided
  • about shamanism or another personal spiritual path
  • about shamanic healing or another alternative healing modality, or
  • your own story of spiritual healing, growth, or experience

You may want to consider an editor, book coach, or personal publisher who has walked a similar path.

Since 2002, my writing and editing career has developed side-by-side with my shamanic practice. This history, together with my business background, lets me offer you a unique perspective on bringing your spiritual writing effectively into the world. This includes an appreciation of individual spirituality and all it has to offer, respect for your work, options for writing and publishing your book in ways that can help you maintain the kind of energy you want around your written work, the use of language that bridges the gap between spiritual communication and an ordinary-reality audience, and ideas and resources for integrating promotion and sale of your book with your larger life work and goals.

If this is of interest to you, I am here to help.


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