Steve Geske“Marge is a skilled technician in the English language and a gifted listener of the heart. She has an uncanny ability to scan one’s writing and intuitively know what needs to be added and subtracted to allow the writer’s message to come forth with clarity, power and force. She makes everything she touches immeasurably better.”

Steve Geske, MDiv, LMFT
Clinical Content Manager
Author of Healing Leadership: A Survival Guide for the Enlightened Leader

Karen Shragg“WOW! Love it! Marge is so very talented, making my ideas marketable. What a gift she is.”

Dr. Karen I. Shragg
Author of Grieving Outside the Box: Stories of hope and resilience from people who charted their own path



Joyce Edelson“Marge has the courage to let the author know that some pieces don’t fit into the storyline.  She guides the author in keeping details of the characters and events pertinent without letting them overpower the storyline. She has an outstanding capacity for correct sentence structure, punctuation, grammar, and appropriate verb tenses. She assures that the prologue to the story is delivered in the actual work. She makes excellent suggestions to keep the story moving and active.”

Joyce Edelson
Author of The Rock Creek Shaman

Annie Loughlin“Marge was a tremendous benefit to me in the formative stages of writing my golf book. She not only encouraged me and gave me the confidence to know I could proceed, she also spent extra time with me and she came up with many good ideas that I could never have thought of on my own. Marge is a great listener and she helps you distill your thoughts into a more cogent form. She is also very good with content and sentence structure and will guide you in a comfortable manner. I would highly recommend Marge.”

Annie Loughlin, LPGA/PGA Golf Professional
Author of The Golf Letters: Tee Tales

Lois McElravy“Marge reviewed specific pages of my website copy and provided me with valuable feedback and suggestions for improvement. Her willingness to adapt to my working style delighted me, since I prefer writing my own copy with her assistance to edit and refine. Marge’s insights and her ability to clarify and organize words with meaning and purpose are impressive. She is engaging, fun and very intelligent. I look forward to hiring Marge to help me with several more writing projects, including the writing of my life story. Marge is worth every single cent she charges!”

Lois McElravy
Motivational Humor and Brain Injury Speaker

Anastasia Rosen=Jones“Marge has had a profound impact on me – personally and professionally. The sharp blade edge of her mind can cut through my vagueness like a surgeon’s knife. She goes right to the heart of what I’m struggling to convey, pares away the unnecessary, and turns what looked like garbage to me into a gold medal performance. I could not accomplish this without her agile, skillful guidance and support. Marge is a visionary, skilled at organization, and able to empower people and lift them up.”

M. Anastasia Rosen-Jones
New Horizons Support Network, Inc.
Sponsors of The Small “Zones of Peace” Project

Pam Gardiner“Marge’s feedback on my website and blog was invaluable and will make a huge difference in their quality. In addition, she communicated that feedback in an encouraging and constructive way that avoided pushing my ‘defensive button.’ Considering how much ownership I can feel about my writing, that feat was truly remarkable.”

Pam Gardiner
Wellness Coach

Howard Hansen“Marge makes me think differently about what I’m writing.  Her insights and suggestions cause me to reconsider and reframe my objectives and the paths to get there. I look forward to her feedback.  This is significant for me, given my lifelong anxiety and defensiveness about how others view my professional performance.”

Howard Hansen
Business Consultant
Howard Hansen and Associates
Author of Healing Leadership: A Survival Guide for the Enlightened Leader

Lee Cox“Dreams do come true!”

Lee Cox
EVE Foundation
Author of Raised on Fear: One Man’s Story of Domestic Violence


“I gained the knowledge that I am a writer and pretty darn good when I just let it flow and show up.”

Carla Green
Massage Therapist

“Marge is a real asset to the Accelerate Learning STEMscopes team.  She began with us in 2012 during an exciting time of secondary science curriculum production with the Rice University STEMscopes program.  She can do it all.  She edits, formats, publishes curriculum reliably.  Furthermore, Marge is one of the few people on my team who can review for content in multiple topics including Physical Science and Life Science.  She is a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to being colleagues in our future endeavors for this significant field.”

Jess Rowell
Senior Project Manager, Rice University STEMscopes, 2010-2014
Curriculum Manager, Accelerate Learning STEMscopes, 2014-present